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Each SuperDeal includes a link to a Google Flights page with detailed information about the specific flight and booking options. You’ll book directly with the airline or through your preferred online travel agent (OTA), such as Expedia, Priceline, Trip.com, Flight Centre, Traveloka, etc.

Please be aware that all deals are time-sensitive—airlines may increase prices as seats fill up. If a deal catches your eye, act quickly to secure it. Hesitation could mean missing out.


Los Angeles — Jakarta ⚡$725⚡59% OFF

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August 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Economy Class

Philippine Airlines

Boeing 777 + Airbus A321

Normal price ~ $1800

This deal $725

Your savings ~ $1075


Barcelona — Bengaluru
⚡€384⚡68% OFF

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September 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Economy Class

Wizz Air

Airbus A321neo

Normal price ~ €1200

This deal €384

Your savings ~ €816


Perth — Bali
⚡A$269⚡55% OFF

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July 2024

Roundtrip (Nonstop / Nonstop)

Economy Class

Jetstar + AirAsia

Airbus A350 + Airbus A330

Normal price ~ A$600

This deal A$269

Your savings ~ A$331


Bali — Taipei City
⚡$184⚡54% OFF

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October 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Economy Class


Boeing 787

Normal price ~ $400

This deal $184

Your savings ~ $216

Tip: Look at the price range indicator chart on the Google Flights page linked with each deal. As long as the fare on the chart falls within the green zone, it is a good deal (the price is below average). Book quickly, as prices can rise at any time.

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We closely monitor fights to over 200 airports across the vast Asia Pacific region.

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What type of deals can I expect to receive?

We are actively searching for the best round-trip international flight deals to over 200 destinations in the Asia Pacific. You can select from three departure regions: North America (US and Canada), Europe, and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand).

Additionally, we offer exceptional deals on flights within Asia. This benefits not only residents but also international visitors looking for affordable regional fares.

Currently, all deals are for Economy class. However, we will introduce Premium Economy and Business Class deals very soon.

How often will I receive deal alerts?

Great deals can happen at any time and are also entirely beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee how frequently you’ll receive alerts for new deals. We strive to publish at least one exceptional deal per departure region each day, but we avoid filling your inbox with mediocre offers. ATC includes only truly outstanding deals, ensuring you travel more affordably.

Based on ATC’s performance to date, each week typically features 10-20 SuperDeals, often more. Rest assured, if a great deal matches your preferences, you’ll be the first to know!

Do these deals have long layovers?

We always prioritize comfort and convenience, and we don’t share flight deals we wouldn’t book ourselves. We cap the number of stops and limit layover durations to ensure you’re getting the best possible experience.

For long-haul intercontinental flights, we look for a maximum of 2 stops (ideally 1 stop), as most travelers prefer to stretch their legs and refresh themselves at the airport during a short layover. However, if nonstop flights exist on such routes, we will also include them in our search. For medium-haul flights (up to 6 hours), we allow for a maximum of 1 stop. For short-haul flights (these are typically flights within Asia), a nonstop connection makes sense in most cases.

How long the deals last?

Unfortunately, we cannot control how long each SuperDeal will remain available at our amazingly low prices. Due to high demand, heavily discounted tickets often sell out quickly, and airlines increase prices as seats are booked. While we strive to find deals that last several days, fares typically begin to climb 2-5 days after they are published on ATC.

Flights during peak seasons, routes to less frequented destinations, and the rare ‘mistake fares’ may disappear within hours.

However, for most deals, prices remain on the lower side for about 1-3 weeks (saving 20% or 30% is still better than paying the full fare). They can also serve as a reference point for searching similar dates, where discounts are often clustered.

Our advice? If a deal catches your eye, act quickly to secure it. Hesitation could mean missing out! Deals that have disappeared will no longer appear online.

A note for our US customers: All flights departing from the United States are subject to a 24-hour free cancellation policy, which allows you to lock in great deals immediately, risk-free.

Do you send last-minute deals?

It’s a common myth that last-minute bookings can save you a bundle. In reality, airlines often hike prices closer to departure dates, capitalizing on business travelers without budget constraints. To bag a bargain, it’s wiser to plan ahead. Our found deals are typically available for booking two to eight months out, giving you ample time to prepare and pack without the pressure.

Can I choose my departure region?

Absolutely!  You can customize your notification settings anytime to receive deal alerts specifically from your chosen regions.

Unless you share your ATC account with friends or family living in a different region than yours, we recommend selecting one region that represents your location (e.g., US & Canada) and the ‘Within Asia’ option (useful if you plan to travel extensively in Asia).

What if I only want deals to a specific destination?

While you can’t specify a single destination, you can use our search and filter tools to find one in our deals collection. The nature of flight sales is unpredictable, and deals can pop up unexpectedly. While we can’t predict when a deal to your destination will surface, our platform is constantly updated with fresh offers—your dream destination could appear as soon as tomorrow! To stay in the loop, use our mobile app for instant deal alerts.

Additionally, we specialize in uncovering incredible deals across the most sought-after tourism region – Asia and the Pacific, and we aim to give you a wide range of amazing destinations for your next trip. With prices often unbelievably low, you might just find yourself booking a getaway to a destination you’ve never considered before!

What if I have a trip with fixed dates coming up?

If you’re flexible with your travel dates, ATC Premium will work great. While we do offer flights for specific months, if you need flights for exact dates, we recommend using Google Flights. There, you can set price alerts for your desired route and dates.

How do I book a flight deal you found?

Really easy!

Each SuperDeal includes a link to a Google Flights page that provides detailed information about the specific flight along with a list of booking options. We are not a travel agency (we don’t make the deals; we find them) so you won’t book on our site. Instead, you’ll book directly with the airline or through your preferred online travel agent (OTA), such as Expedia, Priceline, Trip.com, Flight Centre, Traveloka, etc.

How do you find deals?

Air Traveler Club is using advanced algorithms paired with the keen expertise of our seasoned professionals. We track flight deals across airline websites and various booking platforms.

Every deal we publish is meticulously vetted against numerous criteria, including cost-effectiveness, airline reputation, routing efficiency, layover convenience, transparent ancillary charges, etc. If a flight doesn’t meet this high benchmark, we will not showcase it to our members.

Do you earn commissions from flight bookings?

No, we don’t. Air Traveler Club is an independent service, and we don’t participate in any affiliate programs from airlines or flight booking websites. Our only commitment is to you, the traveler, ensuring the deals we share aren’t biased.

Our revenue comes from two primary sources: sponsorships that support our free newsletter, and subscriptions to ATC Premium service. This model keeps our interests aligned with yours – to find the absolute best flight deals out there.

Can't I just search for flight deals on my own?

While anyone can hunt for flight deals, not everyone has the hours to dedicate to the task. It is a time-consuming job. Sure, you can dive into the ever-shifting sea of flight search engines, trending destinations, and fluctuating airfares. However, it’s a real challenge to stay updated and suss out genuine value.

That’s where we step in. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes travel expertes. We’re here to alleviate the hassle and bring you not just deals, but inspiration for your next getaway.

Additionally, there are airline sales and promotions to consider. They are often rolled out unpredictably, aligning with each carrier’s unique marketing schedule. Picture the effort of monitoring 150+ airlines: subscribing to each of their newsletters and keeping up with their various social media channels. If you have the time, that’s one approach. However, if you’re looking for convenience, we’re here to track these special offers for you!

Membership and billing

What is Air Traveler Club?

Air Traveler Club is a premium subscription service that provides tens of flight deals for over 200 Asian and Pacific destinations. Membership boosts your deal flow 20x compared to the free version.

Unlike the weekly free newsletter, ATC Premium offers a comprehensive online directory updated daily, and a mobile app with real-time deal alerts. Premium members enjoy access not only to SuperDeals and airline promotions but also to Asia Pass (exclusive travel perks) and all upcoming new features.

How can I become a member?

Simply choose your pricing plan (Quartely or Yearly), and click the “Join now” button. You will then be able to make a safe purchase on the page managed by Stripe.

Upon a successful payment, you’ll be redirected to our Premium platform. Here, you can personalize your experience by setting a password for your account and managing deal alert notifications.

You will also receive an email with all the information needed for you to log in to our platform.

How many devices can I use with my ATC account?

You can access your ATC account on up to five devices simultaneously. We understand that our subscribers often plan travels not just for themselves but also with their partners, friends, or family members. As such, our account sharing policy supports those who wish to collaborate on trip planning and take advantage of our special deals together.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, your Premium subscription is automatically renewed every 3 months if you opt for quarterly billing or every 12 months for annual billing, counting from your sign-up date.

You can view your renewal date and cancel at any time in the Billing section of your membership profile.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply visit our membership site and navigate to ‘Account’ > ‘Billing settings’ in the top right corner. Select ‘Cancel’ from the menu next to your subscription.

Cancellation is immediate, and no further charges will be applied. Once you cancel your upcoming renewal, you’ll still enjoy all the deals, promotions, and benefits you’ve paid for until your current membership expires.

Need assistance? Our support team is on standby! Contact us, and we’ll promptly handle the cancellation for you.

What is your refund policy?

All membership payments are non-refundable. Our policy of not offering refunds is based on the nature of digital products and services. Upon subscription, you get instant access to our regularly updated content, tools, and features – this access involves ongoing costs on our part, including server space, security, content creation, and technical support.

To ensure our subscribers make an informed decision, we provide detailed descriptions of our service, screenshots of our online platform, and offer a free newsletter with examples of content you’ll find in the premium version.

Additionally, our customer service team is always available for any pre-purchase queries.

However, if you believe there has been an error in charging, or you just forgot to cancel the subscription before the automatic renewal, please reach out to our support team – we’re here to help.

I am having trouble signing up

If you’re experiencing issues signing up or have questions about your subscription, please email us at hello@airtraveler.club. We strive to respond within one working day, often in just a few hours.