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We closely monitor airfare to over 200 destinations in Asia and the Pacific. Most SupeDeals are 40%–80% off regular prices, and they come with a link to Google Flights where you can verify the price and availability. You will also see the booking options specific to your country.

Premium members have access to a large collection of SuperDeals, with new offers added daily.

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Here, you can check out some samples from our free newsletter sent on February 20, 2024:


Los Angeles — Phuket 58% OFF

April 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Cathay Pacific (Economy)

Boeing 777 + Airbus A330

ATC price
$830 →

Regular price
~ $2000

~ $1170


Rome — Jakarta 60% OFF

April 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

China Eastern (Economy)

Boeing 787

ATC price
€482 →

Regular price
~ €1200

~ €718


Darwin — Hong Kong50% OFF

May 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

Singapore Airlines

Boeing 737MAX 8 + Airbus A350

ATC price
A$802 →

Regular price
~ A$1600

~ A$798


Seoul — Denpasar 55% OFF

April 2024

Roundtrip (1 Stop / 1 Stop)

VietJet Air + Cebu Pacific (Economy)

Airbus A321

ATC price
$268 →

Regular price
~ $600

~ $332

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Monitored destinations in Asia & Pacific


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How do you find deals?

Air Traveler Club is using advanced algorithms paired with the keen expertise of our seasoned professionals. We track flight deals across airline websites and various booking platforms.

Every deal we publish is meticulously vetted against numerous criteria, including cost-effectiveness, airline reputation, routing efficiency, layover convenience, transparent ancillary charges, etc. If a flight doesn’t meet this high benchmark, we will not showcase it to our members.

Are your flight deals international or region-specific?

We excel at finding top-flight deals from a broad range of departure zones — think the US, Canada, several European countries, and the Australasia territory. Plus, we’re good at spotting the best prices for flights starting from big cities in Asia, which benefits not only those residing in Asia but also international visitors seeking low regional fares.

Can I choose my departure region?


When you sign up, you unlock access to all our SuperDeals—flights from North America, Europe, and Australasia to destinations across the Asia Pacific. Additionally, there’s a dedicated category for regional flights within the Asia Pacific.

To tailor your experience, you have the option to ‘unfollow’ any categories that don’t match your travel preferences. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you only receive updates and alerts for the routes and regions that genuinely interest you.

Are your deals limited to budget airlines?

Not at all. We focus on quality airlines that passengers love and provide offers that you can book well in advance.

Do you send last-minute deals?

It’s a common myth that last-minute bookings can save you a bundle. In reality, airlines often hike prices closer to departure dates, capitalizing on business travelers without budget constraints. To bag a bargain, it’s wiser to plan ahead. Our found deals are typically available for booking two to eight months out, giving you ample time to prepare and pack without the pressure.

How long the deals last?

While we aim to spot deals that stick around for a few days, they typically have a lifespan of 1-3 days before the fares begin to climb. Peak season flights, routes to less frequented destinations, and the coveted ‘mistake fares’ can vanish in hours. Our advice? If a deal catches your eye, secure it promptly. Hesitation could mean missing out! The deals that have disappeared won’t show up online anymore.

Can you find me a deal to a specific destination?

Finding a precise deal to your dream destination on demand is as unpredictable as a game of hide and seek—rewarding when found, but it requires timing and a bit of luck.

Here at ATC, we’re experts at deal detection, but the nature of flight sales is unpredictable. Deals can pop up unexpectedly, without warning. While we can’t dictate when a deal to your destination will surface, we can say with certainty that our platform is continually updated with fresh offers —your preferred destination might appear as soon as tomorrow!

So stay tuned in, and use our mobile app to get instant deal alerts. It’s key for grabbing deals as they drop.

Can't I just search for flight deals on my own?

While anyone can hunt for flight deals, not everyone has the hours to dedicate to the task. It is a time-consuming job. Sure, you can dive into the ever-shifting sea of flight search engines, trending destinations, and fluctuating airfares. However, it’s a real challenge to stay updated and suss out genuine value.

That’s where we step in. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes travel expertes. We’re here to alleviate the hassle and bring you not just deals, but inspiration for your next getaway.

Additionally, there are airline sales and promotions to consider. They are often rolled out unpredictably, aligning with each carrier’s unique marketing schedule. Picture the effort of monitoring 100+ airlines: subscribing to each of their newsletters and keeping up with their various social media channels. If you have the time, that’s one approach. However, if you’re looking for convenience, we’re here to track these special offers for you!

How do I book a flight deal you found?

Really easy! You won’t book on our site, but directly with the airline or through an online travel agent. Just follow the link we send in our deal alert, pick your dates, and book your flight.

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