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Select your departure region (US & Canada, Europe, Australasia, Asia) then browse/search/filter SuperDeals curated by our flight analysts.

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Each SuperDeal includes a booking link for direct reservations with the airline or your preferred booking site.

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SuperDeals — enjoy 40–80% off regular airfares

Discover discounted travel destinations. Get alerts when the prices drop.

We closely monitor airfare to over 200 destinations in Asia and the Pacific. All SupeDeals are 40–80% off regular prices, and they come with a link to Google Flights where you can verify the price and availability. You will also see the booking options specific to your country.

With SuperDeals, you can fly cheaper from hundreds of departure cities worldwide—including the US, Canada, Europe, and Australasia.

If you live or already travel in Asia, we track and publish amazing discounts on regional routes.

Join now to gain access to a huge collection of SuperDeals, with new offers added daily.

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Airline Promos — sales, promotions, and discounts from 150+ carriers

Get access to short-lived and evergreen promotions that often bypass OTAs

If you start your flight search with an OTA like Kayak, Expedia, or Skyscanner, you could miss out on major savings from airlines’ special offers. Short-lived promotions, sales, discounts, and perks often bypass OTAs. They’re part of the airline’s marketing strategy — spotlighting their brand — and are usually exclusive to their website only.

Next, consider ‘evergreen’ offers and travel perks. Did you know that AirAsia lets you bring a surfboard for free? Or that Turkish Airlines provides a complimentary one-night 4-star hotel in Istanbul? Our directory is regularly updated with such open-ended offers.

We currently monitor over 150 airlines. As a premium member, you won’t miss a thing!

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Asia Pass — unlock $2500 in savings from top travel brands

Explore the vibrant continent like never before with our exclusive Asia Pass

Get access to our curated selection of extraordinary travel perks across Asia and save up to $2500!

Discounts on premium services, free hotel stays, free VIP airport lounge access, free guided tours, big rebates on travel gear, special low-priced flight tickets, and much more.

Most of these perks are not publicly available. We are negotiating directly with service providers to bring you unique deals with significant savings.

Asia Pass perks are an exclusive benefit for our paid Premium members.

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Real-time notifications — never miss a great deal!

Be notified immediately after a SuperDeal, a promotion, or a travel perk is published

Notifications are sent in the following ways:

  • Emails
  • Web platform notifications
  • Mobile in-app notifications
  • Mobile push notifications

You’re in full control of your experience—you can manage your notification preferences for each category. This way, you can ensure you’re only receiving the alerts that matter to you.

ATC mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

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Transparent pricing

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About ATC

What is Air Traveler Club?

Air Traveler Club is a premium subscription service that provides tens of flight deals for over 200 Asian and Pacific destinations. Membership boosts your deal flow 20x compared to the free version.

Unlike the weekly free newsletter, ATC Premium offers a comprehensive online directory updated daily, and a mobile app with real-time deal alerts. Premium members enjoy access not only to SuperDeals and airline promotions but also to Asia Pass (exclusive travel perks) and all upcoming new features.

Are you a travel agent?

No, ATC operates distinctly from traditional travel agencies or online flight booking platforms. Our service centers on discovering exceptional deals to Asia Pacific and notifying you when such deals pop out. We don’t make the deals, we just find them!

While we guide you on how to secure these offers (often directly through the airlines) we don’t handle the ticket sale. This approach enables us to dedicate our expertise to scouring for and delivering top-value deals.

What makes ATC different from other flight deal services?

ATC sets itself apart as the only flight deals website exclusively focused on Asia and the Pacific, offering an unparalleled volume of deals to this fascinating continent. Also, we serve customers from more than one region. Whether you reside in America, Europe, Asia, or Australasia, we provide affordable flights to Asia for you!

While other services may overlook that budget travel involves more than just flight deals, ATC offers much more. We track airline promotions and special sales that are not typically found on aggregators like Google Flights or Skyscanner. In our Asia Pass section, you’ll find exclusive travel perks and unique discounts negotiated directly with popular travel brands.

Additionally, ATC focuses on simplicity and usability. Our minimalist, user-friendly interface allows you to quickly find deals and is available in both dark and light themes.

Moreover, we are dedicated to transparency and customer education, providing insights into how airline pricing works, tips for securing the best deals, and guidance on making the most of every travel opportunity. This educational approach helps our members not only save money but also become more savvy travelers.

What if I only travel once per year?

Even if you travel only once per year, ATC can still offer exceptional value. On average, our customers save $650 per return flight. With just one flight deal per year, it is more than enough to cover the cost of your membership for seven years!

If you already have a specific travel date in mind, consider subscribing at least two months before your planned departure. This will increase the likelihood of finding a great deal on our platform. Additionally, a promotion or sale can occur for one of the airlines that serve your route.

What type of deals can I expect to receive?

We are actively searching for the best round-trip international flight deals to over 200 destinations in the Asia Pacific. You can select from three departure regions: North America (US and Canada), Europe, and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand).

Additionally, we offer exceptional deals on flights within Asia. This benefits not only residents but also international visitors looking for affordable regional fares.

Currently, all deals are for Economy class. However, we will introduce Premium Economy and Business Class deals very soon.

Can I choose my departure region?

Absolutely!  You can customize your notification settings anytime to receive deal alerts specifically from your chosen regions.

Unless you share your ATC account with friends or family living in a different region than yours, we recommend selecting one region that represents your location (e.g., US & Canada) and the ‘Within Asia’ option (useful if you plan to travel extensively in Asia).

What if I only want deals to a specific destination?

While you can’t specify a single destination, you can use our search and filter tools to find one in our deals collection. The nature of flight sales is unpredictable, and deals can pop up unexpectedly. While we can’t predict when a deal to your destination will surface, our platform is constantly updated with fresh offers—your dream destination could appear as soon as tomorrow! To stay in the loop, use our mobile app for instant deal alerts.

Additionally, we specialize in uncovering incredible deals across the most sought-after tourism region – Asia and the Pacific, and we aim to give you a wide range of amazing destinations for your next trip. With prices often unbelievably low, you might just find yourself booking a getaway to a destination you’ve never considered before!

How do I book a flight deal you found?

Really easy!

Each SuperDeal includes a link to a Google Flights page that provides detailed information about the specific flight along with a list of booking options. This means you won’t book on our site; instead, you’ll book directly with the airline or through your preferred online travel agent (OTA), such as Expedia, Priceline, Trip.com, Flight Centre, Traveloka, etc.

Membership and billing

How can I become a member?

Simply choose your pricing plan (Quartely or Yearly), and click the “Join now” button. You will then be able to make a safe purchase on the page managed by Stripe.

Upon a successful payment, you’ll be redirected to our Premium platform. Here, you can personalize your experience by setting a password for your account and managing deal alert notifications.

You will also receive an email with all the information needed for you to log in to our platform.

How much does ATC cost?

Our basic service is offered for free, via newsletter. The premium plan—with access to the dedicated online platform—costs $7 per month when billed annually or $12 monthly with quarterly billing.

How does the price lock work?

Price lock ensures that your subscription rate remains fixed throughout your membership period, regardless of future price increases. Whether your subscription is for a quarter or a year, your plan will always renew at its original rate—as long as you keep your subscription active.

Please note that if you cancel and later resubscribe, the price lock will apply to the new price, which may be higher than the current price.

How many devices can I use with my ATC account?

You can access your ATC account on up to five devices simultaneously. We understand that our subscribers often plan travels not just for themselves but also with their partners, friends, or family members. As such, our account sharing policy supports those who wish to collaborate on trip planning and take advantage of our special deals together.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, your Premium subscription is automatically renewed every 3 months if you opt for quarterly billing or every 12 months for annual billing, counting from your sign-up date.

You can view your renewal date and cancel at any time in the Billing section of your membership profile.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply visit our membership site and navigate to ‘Account’ > ‘Billing settings’ in the top right corner. Select ‘Cancel’ from the menu next to your subscription.

Cancellation is immediate, and no further charges will be applied. Once you cancel your upcoming renewal, you’ll still enjoy all the deals, promotions, and benefits you’ve paid for until your current membership expires.

Need assistance? Our support team is on standby! Contact us, and we’ll promptly handle the cancellation for you.

What is your refund policy?

All membership payments are non-refundable. Our policy of not offering refunds is based on the nature of digital products and services. Upon subscription, you get instant access to our regularly updated content, tools, and features – this access involves ongoing costs on our part, including server space, security, content creation, and technical support.

To ensure our subscribers make an informed decision, we provide detailed descriptions of our service, screenshots of our online platform, and offer a free newsletter with examples of content you’ll find in the premium version.

Additionally, our customer service team is always available for any pre-purchase queries.

However, if you believe there has been an error in charging, or you just forgot to cancel the subscription before the automatic renewal, please reach out to our support team – we’re here to help.

I am having trouble signing up

If you’re experiencing issues signing up or have questions about your subscription, please email us at hello@airtraveler.club. We strive to respond within one working day, often in just a few hours.