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@tiket2 know how to deliver a professional service, combined with personality.

If you're buying ad space, it's easy to get caught up in the numbers and the whole process to be... well... dry.

Michal & team are stand out! And on numbers side, the  ads are very good value!

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About newsletter

Air Traveler Club newsletter is published by, Asia-focused OTA founded in 2010.

No 1 newsletter about air travel in Asia

Air Traveler Club is a super popular newsletter focusing on travel in the Asia Pacific. Our quality content is researched, written and curated by industry experts.

Loyal audience

Our loyal readers are business and leisure travelers, flying aficionados, and learners who want to improve their knowledge about the tourism industry and post-pandemic travel.

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Air Traveler Club members are the type of people who tune out programmatic ads. But they trust us to deliver fresh and accurate information – and they extend that trust to our ad partners.

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(1/3) Shout Out

This is the flagship placement and the largest ad space. Placed prominently towards the top of the newsletter it's the first thing that the reader will see. It guarantees exposure to our entire readership.

A Shout Out includes a hero image, up to 200 words, links, a button, and a logo ("together with"). It can be designed in a form of a native ad.

(2/3) In-line Ad

The backbone of Air Traveler Club newsletter is Top 10 Trending News - curated content that covers the most compelling issues in travel, lifestyle, travel tech, etc. It is the first, most-read section of the newsletter, placed in the first 20% of the whole newsletter content.

Your ad will be a highlighted part of this section, giving you the space to inform and educate readers about your product or service.

In-line Ad includes 50-100 words and one link or button.

(3/3) Reminder Ad

This ad is located at the bottom of every issue, and its main goal is to remind the reader about the brand that was introduced by two previous ads.

The Reminder Ad give you access to the most engaged audience - that read the whole issue from the top to the bottom.

Remider Ad features our standard wording ("Today's issue was sponsored by [brand_name] ... "), and three links to your website (logo, brand name, and button).


Dedicated Email (newsletter takeover)

Dedicated Email is entirely devoted to a single sponsorship placement. It is 100% your content ("your own newsletter") that is sent to all our subscribers. This allows you to retain full control over the content and design.

Since Dedicated Email enables exclusive access to our valuable audience, it generates great results: high engagement and hundreds of clicks that drive traffic to your website.

Here are two examples of a dedicated email: example 1 and example 2.

Exposure: ~50,000 views
Expected clicks: 500 - 800
Price: $1200
CPC: $1.5 - $2.6
CPM: $11

Discount: 25% for 4 emails or more

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